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Origen secures spot in the 2015 World Championship | LoL Esports

Origen secures spot in the 2015 World Championship

Origen can finally exhale. After managing to declaw ROCCAT in a tense five-game Semifinals series and then banishing Unicorns of Love back to the realm of make-believe in a stompy 3-0 Finals of the EU LCS Regional Qualifiers, they’ve officially -- finally -- punched their ticket to the 2015 World Championship.

Some people insist on doing things the hard way. Instead of booking a direct flight, Origen made sure they had extra layovers and a healthy dose of turbulence en route.

Qualifying for the EU LCS in the 2015 Summer Split, Origen had an uphill battle when it came to earning a spot at Worlds. They only had a single split in which to accrue enough Championship Points to secure one of EU's three spots at Worlds, and almost locked one of them down in Stockholm at the EU LCS Finals, before falling short in a heartbreaking Game 5 loss against Fnatic. But instead of taking a few days off to rest, it was straight back into training, as another two grueling Best of 5 series in the Regional Qualifiers stood between them and their goal of competing in Worlds.


In the Semifinals of the Regional Qualifiers, it looked as though ROCCAT might nuke those ambitions, going up two games to one in the series. “ROCCAT is really good at punishing mistakes,” Origen’s jungler Maurice "Amazing" Stückenschneider says of the series, “and we like to make mistakes once in a while. You know, they’re a team that is really tough to beat because they will basically try to hold the game to like 40, 50 minutes for their late-game scaling, so if you screw up in the early to mid game, you'll fall behind against them and you won't come back.”

ROCCAT was an especially tough team,” adds Origen’s mid laner Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez. “Because we didn't know anything about them for one month and we lost the last two games against them. You think about that and you're like, hmmm. We don't know what they play, we don't know how they've been doing, and our last games were losses, so you feel the pressure.”


As Origen and Unicorns of Love prepared to load onto the Rift for Game 1 of the Regional Qualifier Finals, the Unicorns’ mid laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage tried to keep the mood light by joking with his team. “Don’t worry, guys, I’ve got a big backpack!” he said. It was almost prophetic, as he went 9/1/1 on Viktor that game. But Origen's AD carry Jesper "Niels" Svenningsen’s Tristana would prove to be the straw that broke the carry’s back, brute-forcing his way into the Unicorns’ base and picking off targets to clinch a team fight at 40 minutes that would net his team the win.

xPeke all but rechristened himself xPoke for Games 2 and 3 by locking in Kog’Maw and Varus, respectively, and letting the spittle spam and arrows fly till the Unicorns were firmly underfoot. The Unicorns’ will looked fairly broken by this point and Origen kept the pressure up until the series belonged to them.

Standing up from their battle stations after their Worlds-clinching 3-0 victory, Origen looked more relieved than euphoric. Amazing admits to feeling relieved that the endurance test is over. “The ROCCAT series yesterday was so tough for us to actually win it,” he says. “To be fair, ROCCAT played a hell of a series, so I was just really emotional about it. I couldn't really focus anymore and just had to let some steam go. Now it's just like, we've made it to Worlds as third seed, it was more like a work win. We had to do it, you know.”


Origen may be exhausted from their exceptionally bumpy road to Worlds, but they’re tentatively optimistic about their chances on the international stage. “It's going to be hard because we might draw, like, a death group [in the Group Stages],” says xPeke. “But still, I would like to work really hard individually and as a team to show that we have the level to be there. Even if we lose because we play against the best teams in the world, let's still show that we can put a fight against them and don't let them go away with a free win.”

Amazing, who took home MVP honors from the series against the Unicorns of Love knows that his team still has lots to prove come October. “I guess I want to prove that we, as Origen, are a really strong team and can be a contender on the world class level,” he says. “And that's something we've been working towards for the whole season!”

You can watch Origen compete in the 2015 World Championship alongside the other two qualifying EU LCS teams, Fnatic and H2K, this October on Lolesports.